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Welcome to the plink page for Elevated Therapy International.

Dr. Michael G Millett, was operating in North West London for over 16 years and relocated to Grantham in 2011 / 2012 which is just over an hour by train from London`s Kings Cross Station. Michael is only 10 minutes’ walk from Grantham`s Mainline Railway Station. He is a senior hypnotherapist and supervising hypnotherapist and Hypnosis is one of his specialities.

Here at Elevated Therapy, Michael offers one of the best hypnotherapy services in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Although Michael`s most popular clinical applications of Hypnosis with clients are for people wanting to stop smoking and / or lose weight. However, he has also experienced remarkable results with clients suffering from insomnia, bed wetting, attention deficit disorder, stress, anxiety; nail biting, confidence boosting, phobias, addictions, compulsions, skin problems, fear of flying, and fear of heights.

The use of Hypnosis to eliminate negative behaviour is almost limitless. Check the `external link` over on the right of this page to bring you into the MAIN HYPNOTHERAPY AREA.

Michael’s role is to work with you towards your goal - eliminating negative behaviours, and strengthening positive ones. With Michaels Hypnosis sessions he performs Hypnosis techniques that will help you move past your problems, you begin to sense the immense power within you. You are back in control, the way you were meant to be.

Michael also does Past Life Regression and Healing sessions with people too and is specifically trained in Past Life Therapy and sees clients from all over the world for this and related work.

phobias in Lincoln:

If you suffer from any phobias and feel that they are holding you back from living a full and happy life, Michael`s Nottingham phobiasHypnosis sessions could be the solution. During your phobiasHypnosis sessions we can discuss your phobias and whilst in a relaxed state of mind we can work on overcoming the fear associated with your phobias

stress in Stamford

Michael also helps those suffering from stress in Stamford. stress can be caused by many issues at work or in your personal life and can have a negative effect on your life. If you have had enough letting stress control your life and want to put an end to it, give Michael a call and he'll take you through how he can help you live a stress-free life!

weight loss hypnotherapy in Lincoln:

weight loss hypnotherapy in Lincoln is an effective technique that will help you to eat healthily and only what your body requires and resist temptations that may cause you to neglect your weight loss efforts. If you would like to discuss Michael`s weight loss therapy, do not hesitate to call.

If you would like to find out more about reputable, credible and therapeutic Hypnosis that offers long-term positive results, get in touch with Michael today by entering the main Elevated Therapy website. Please click the `external link` over on the right of this page to enter the main Elevated Therapy International website to learn more about Hypnosis and related subjects and to make an appointment to see Michael.
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Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Quit Smoking Hypnosis
Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Barrowby, Grantham, Great Gonerby, Newark and Stamford
Hypnotherapy in Grantham for Weight Loss
Hypnotherapy in Grantham
Hypnotherapy in Grantham for Weight Loss
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